DowCommerce Retail POS Solution

The DowCommerce Payment Gateway has a very versatile application for "Retail" (card present) transaction processing. If you have a retail business or services business, the DowCommerce Retail POS Solution may be just what you need. You simply plug a DowCommerce Swiper into your computer's USB Port, Install our Retail Software, and you're ready to start accepting credit cards face to face.

Here is what's required:

  1. A computer. (PC)
  2. A DowCommerce USB swiper
  3. A DowCommerce Retail Payment Gateway Account
Screenshot of Retail Processing Software

Here's How It Works:

  1. You swipe your customers' credit card through your DowCommerce Swiper.
  2. Next, the DowCommerce "Retail Program" automatically opens on your computer screen.
  3. You enter the amount of the transaction, and click on the "Process" button.
  4. The card is authorized, and the transactions settles with your batch.

Here are the benefits of using the DowCommerce Retail Program:

  1. Low Cost Setup
  2. Qualify for "Swiped" processing rates (Ex: 1.79%)
  3. Easy Setup (install program, and plug in swiper)
  4. Great for mobile processing (works with your laptop)
  5. Detailed reporting available online
  6. Much easier to learn than a POS terminal.

Full reporting will be available in your DowCommerce back office. The DowCommerce "Retail POS Solution" is a great alternative to traditional "POS Terminals". Please contact us for complete details, or fill out a "Quick-App" and we'll contact your right away.Sign Up Now